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Friday, February 22, 2008
The only serious way anyone can make money online is to just go out and do the dirty work all by yourself. Build a website, have products and/or services that are in demand and to promote, promote, promote the site, tweaking your keywords and content until it reaches a decent rating in the search engines.

To think that you can just go online and find some guru that tells you he's making hundreds, or thousands every day or week...and can teach you how to do the same is absolutely absurd.

Come on! If that internet guru was making that kind of bank every week, he's certainly not going to waste his time trying to coax you out of twenty, or thirty bucks or whatever low cost amount.

Seriously now, think about it! I have spent a great deal of time investigating so dang many of these so called " money making programs " I'm sick of thinking about them.

Your serious about making money online ? Do yourself a really big favor.....
Spend a lot of time..... ( I ain't talking 30 minutes here )....doing your homework and finding a really good product or service ( not the "hey sell my stuff" type)...
( get your own product, or service ) Build your own site. And in case you don't know how yet, spend the time learning the basics.

There is a lot of free information on the internet, so use it ! Learn how to promote it ( once again find info for free )

It takes a lot of effort to get a website in the top 10 or 20 or even the top 30 !
You must make the effort to promote that site, or you will never even be seen by visitors who type in keywords in a search engine to find you.

You must take the initiative to add content to your website on a consistent basis ( this helps ratings) Optimizing your keywords for relevancy is extremely important also. You dont need to hire someone to get you a high search engine ranking if you work at it you can get top notch ratings if you have good content in your website that is in tune to your chosen keywords, the search engines such as google will actually find you!!!!!!..... and rank you fairly high right away without you even submitting your site to them !

Just do it, and dont give up it wont happen overnight!

...The Unknown Critic


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