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Friday, February 29, 2008
I wonder if the company Magic Chef had this in mind when they first introduced their Magic Chef Sandwich Maker Machine to the marketplace.

We have owned one of these nifty little sandwich makers for several years now and it seems really popular with the kids and grandchildren.

You know the machine I'm talking about right ? It's kind of like a small enclosed griddle that splits off and seals a sandwich's edge's when you place pieces of bread into it.

Now, I personally don't use this thing a lot, but my oldest daughter who is 26 years old, seems to love the thing.

She was just leaving the kitchen the other day when I arrived home, so I went in to make a pot of my favorite drink "coffee"

Right away I noticed it, that special little gadget proudly displaying itself on the counter top space next to the toaster......

My first question to my daughter was what kind of food did she cook up for the grand babies this time, and was indeed quite shocked to hear her response.

Oh, just some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches Dad, she responded.

OK, I will admit, it took me a few seconds to think about what I had just heard, thinking that maybe she had used the sandwich maker earlier in the day for something else and just finished making some PB&J sandwiches....

My first thought was if I ask this stupid question she's gonna remember that, but I couldn't resist, so I asked her...

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in the sandwich maker?

Yep, there great Dad, you should try them sometime was her response. She had made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and placed it in the machine to cook, then allowed it to cool off a bit before serving it up to the grand babies and herself.

I like toast with peanut butter on it, so warm peanut butter wasn't so bad, but warm

I know many people who eat something that I find to be peculiar, amusing or downright revolting, but this one was definitely an amusing one for me.

Some of those foods that I find to be interesting combinations are as follows:
Peanut butter and onion sandwiches. ( OK, I'm guilty of this one )

Peanut butter in chilli .....
This sounds so strange, but my dads best friend was the guilty party here.

For years I had never heard of another person on the planet who put peanut butter in their chilli until one day I was watching ( I believe) the food network and there was this restaurant in Texas that's famous for their chilli and who's recipe calls for.... yep .... peanut butter.

Know of a strange food email me and tell me about it I will contribute it in this column and give you honorable mention for your contribution.

Just make sure you include in the subject line "strange food contributor" so we dont accidentially delete you as spam.

Thanks for reading, hope you found it interesting reading !

The Unknown Critic



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